YSES is committed to providing a safe expedition experience for all participants but it should always be borne in mind that expeditions to any location are not without risk.

YSES recognises that its expeditions operate in hostile environments, in terms of both geographical location and activity. Members of YSES expeditions have visited some of the remotest parts of the world, and undertaken activities such as mountaineering and white water rafting which carry certain risks. Expeditioning is an ‘assumed risk’ activity, that is participants are aware of, and accept the risks before departure. Whilst leaders will do their best, whatever the circumstances, to promote safety, the absence of risk cannot be guaranteed.

The society recognises and values diversity. For this reason, each expedition is different and will depend on the character and attributes of its leaders and members. The society’s committee will satisfy itself as to the competence and safety of leaders but does not aim to be prescriptive in the running of individual expeditions. Leaders, with the exception of safety issues, will seek to develop rather than to dictate, and expeditioners will be selected on the basis of the qualities that they can bring to the expedition.

All participants over the age of eighteen years have to submit a Data Barring Service request (formally CRB) to ensure that they are suitable to be involved with young people.

All expeditions have a risk management plan in place before departure that is presented to and discussed with participants.