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  1. The Yorkshire Schools Exploring Society makes awards annually to young people aged 15 to 19 years at the start of the   expedition in full-time education in a Yorkshire school or college to assist them to take part in expeditions or adventurous projects at home or abroad. The definition of adventure should relate to the ability and experience of the applicant. An expedition, or adventurous pursuit, should involve such elements as; is challenging for the individual, involves physical adventure, community project, conservation or fieldwork; takes place in a challenging or wilderness environment; involves travel (not merely a standing camp); it should have a clear purpose and involve personal initiative and involvement. YSES recognises that this will vary depending on the individual and any additional needs they may have and will take into consideration any special circumstances i.e. home, disability or if disadvantaged. Applications are judged largely on the application form presented.
  2. Grants are made to individuals only, not to groups. Young people applying should complete the application form themselves. There may be some circumstances where it is not possible for the young person to complete the form, and this is quite acceptable if the form is returned with an accompanying letter explaining the circumstances.
  3. Grants will be made of up to £500.
  4. Only one application form should be completed per applicant.
  5. Mass applications from all members of a group are unlikely to be successful as the number of awards is limited.
  6. There is one closing date each year, 30 November. Applications will normally be considered by an experienced panel in December – January.
  7. Your school or college name must be completed, as should the expedition provider’s name; where your school is working with a commercial provider, please ensure that both names are included. If you are organizing the expedition yourselves, without the support of an expedition providing organization or youth group, please write ‘peer group’.
  8. The criteria for making awards will include:
    • a) The reason for the application.
    • b) The nature of the expedition.
    • c) The circumstances of the applicant.
  9. Applications will be judged largely on the application form presented, although approaches may be  made to the stated referee.
  10. Applications received without the correct postage or where the parent / guardian has not signed the consent section will not be considered.
  11. The Don Robinson Award is named after a former President of YSES, and the Braeriach Award in memory of a past member who died in an accident in the Cairngorms.
  12. Grants will be paid upon receipt of confirmation that the expedition fee has been funded in full and that the expedition will proceed, and, in the majority of circumstances will be made payable to the expedition provider. In the event that the expedition does not take place, the grant shall be refunded to YSES within 14 days of cancellation of the expedition or cancellation of the applicant’s place on it.
  13. It is a condition of the grant that the successful applicant shall complete a report on the expedition which should be sent to YSES within three calendar months of the return of the expedition. Applications should be sent by post to: The Grants Administrator, YSES Grants, 68 Ridings Fields, Brockholes, Holmfirth, HD9 7BG
Download Grant Form PDF